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Adecco Defense Alliance


What is Adecco Defense Alliance

Our Defense Alliance Program works firsthand with veteran talent and leading organizations to co-create better career outcomes and sustainable workforces alike.

Although the resettlement rate of ex-servicemen and providing career opportunities for their spouses have improved, the issue of underemployment has become a strong barrier to a meaningful post-service career. The current labor market is not only tight but continuously evolving as technology shifts and the post-pandemic style of work takes shape.

This is forcing employers to be more progressive and think outside of the box in their pursuit of talent. Military Veterans and spouses could be a seamless addition to any organization in any market. The traits that we seek in high performers, such as Leadership, accountability, passion, and resolve - traits that are not inherently teachable - are often found in our defense community.



"Adecco has reinforced my sense of purpose, as we wholeheartedly embrace the mission of creating abundant work opportunities for job seekers and thereby making life better for many, a reality. The core values instilled and experience gained during my stint in the Indian Army are highly valued and respected within Adecco. The inclusive and supportive work environment at Adecco inspires me to consistently bring in my utmost potential, fostering a culture of excellence every single day."

Sanjeev Sugur

Head - HRBP

Adecco India


What can you expect from Adecco?

Underemployment in post-service careers is a barrier to a meaningful career. There are many things’ organizations can do to attract and benefit from the veteran community. Our aim is to build more synergy with progressive employers who think holistically about their hiring goals and foster a work culture where veterans and spouses are understood and valued.

Steps to ensure we see the most success in these efforts:

  • Change the perception that experiences in the military are less relevant in corporate
  • Remove barriers to limited understanding of military terminology and work skills
  • Focus on skills and not competencies in hiring
  • Translating the military experience to resumes that are shortlisted and outlining specific career paths
  • Providing avenues for them to develop their skills and continue growing in their civilian career
  • Creating opportunities to teach and mentor others, which are key to ensuring their success.